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Business Solutions​

A team with the capacity to work and provide solutions, to everything related to accounting - financial administration, filing of taxes, affiliations, evaluation of labor risk and technological means and support for your company.

Tax and Accounting Services

Advice on financial statements, tax planning, business documentation, tax return for natural and legal persons

IT maintenance

We provide support and maintenance for computer equipment, computers and security cameras for businesses and individuals

Accounting and Financial Services

Financial statements

Financial statement report for the company's governing bodies and control entities that monitor them.

Tax Planning

Preparation of statements of withholding tax, sales tax, industry and commerce and income.

Documentation for companies

We issue certificates requested by the administration and third parties.

Tax return

Professionals specialized in the preparation and presentation of national and district exogenous information.

Services in Maintenance and Technology

Computer maintenance

Repair and damage review of desktop and laptop computers at the software and hardware level.

Camera Maintenance

We carry out technical review of security and surveillance equipment for companies and individuals.

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